Bottineau is more than just a four-season playground at the foot of the Turtle Mountains near the International Peace Garden and the U.S.-Canadian border. This vibrant small community also is home to a favorite ice cream maker in Pride Dairy. The creamery produces what fans proclaim is the best ice cream in North Dakota and also makes the Thomas Jefferson-recipe vanilla ice cream served at Mount Rushmore. The flsavor is out of this world, like nearby Mystical Horizons – the “Stonehenge of the Prairie” on the edge of the Turtle Mountain. And if unique statues are your thing, don’t miss Tommy the Turtle riding a snowmobile. Bottineau also is a short ride from Lake MetigosheBottineau Winter Park ski and snowboard area and the Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway. Those wanting to sneak in a round of golf can do so at the nine-hole Bottineau Country Club Golf Course. When the day is done, or before the day begins, try out one of the local dinig options, including – among others – Family Bakery and Restaurant for amazing doughnuts, Denny’s Pizza for, what else, and Marie’s for a cup of coffee.

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